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Will Your Dallas School Get NBC's New Musical Theater Program?

It’s all meant to hype Smash,, which looks to be the ‘adult Glee. Still, 20 schools across the country will get a pilot musical theater program out of it, including one in Dallas. Your school can apply for the expansion program for the fall.

The Metropolitan Opera Comes to Dallas ISD

Outside of New York, Dallas ISD is the only school district in the country with a direct, live, hi-def satellite feed of the Met Opera’s performances. Oh no. We’re exposing fourth-graders to Don Giovanni.

Shakespeare as a Second Language

William Shakespeare is befuddling enough for many modern Americans to grasp, how hard must it be for young immigrants, just learning English as a second language? A bit like asking first-graders to take a crack at quadratic equations? Shakespeare Dallas has been offering a program through DISD that tries to make that leap — with clowns and stage combat and a live performance.

The Economy Project: The School of Rock at DISD

DISD has been climbing out of the arts-education hole it dug back in the ’80s and ’90s. But it’s been able to do it with outside, non-profit money — from groups like the Wallace Foundation. We look at how Little Kids Rock is bringing the power of rock — for free — to young headbangers and songwriters in DISD.

DISD Partners with Museum of Nature and Science to Give Teachers a Boost

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The Dallas Independent School District is partnering with the Museum of Nature and Science to train elementary school teachers to better teach science to their students. KERA’s Stephen Becker reports:

Where Were We: Found Object Art From DISD Students at the Nasher

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DISD students get schooled on turning trash into treasure.

Thriving Minds to Thrive — Thanks to New Multi-Million Dollar Grant

The city-wide arts-education partnership among Big Thought, Dallas Independent School District, the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs, the Wallace Foundation and some 100 area arts organizations will continue — and head to the next level. That was the good news announced this morning at the Charles Rice Learning Center: The Wallace Foundation is handing over […]

Bad News for the Magnet Schools

The bad news: At last night’s DISD board meeting, the trustees voted 5-4 to cut positions at the city’s magnet schools, vanguards and learning centers. This affects not just the arts program at Booker T but also the science and engineering magnet, the government and law magnet, the business and management program, the health services […]

So We Agree: Read Jim Schutze on DISD and the Magnets

Wanted to post this earlier, but you know, it’s Monday. But if you’re interested in DISD and the future of quality education in Dallas, really, you’ll find the Schutze link compelling. Because of the convention center hotel election, relatively little attention is still being paid to the issue of what DISD plans to do with […]

Updated: More on the Arts Magnet's Troubles

Yesterday, the Dallas Morning News ran a story about how DISD feels it must make significant cuts in the number of employment positions at the city’s vanguard and magnet schools — including 13 positions at the Booker T Washington Arts Magnet alone and even more at the TAG magnet. But relatively little follow-up has happened […]

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