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Congratulations to Joseph Haubert of Dallas, the winner of the Flickr Photo of the Week contest! Joseph is a multiple winner of our contest. His most recent win was last November and he follows last week’s winner,  Jacob Rasmussen.

If you would like to participate in the Flickr Photo of the Week contest, all you need to do is upload your photo to our Flickr group page. It’s fine to submit a photo you took earlier than the current week, but we are hoping that the contest will inspire you to go out and shoot something fantastic this week to share with Art&Seek users. If the picture you take involves a facet of the arts, even better. The contest week will run from Monday to Sunday, and the Art&Seek staff will pick a winner on Monday afternoon. We’ll notify the winner through FlickrMail (so be sure to check those inboxes) and ask you to fill out a short survey to tell us a little more about yourself and the photo you took. We’ll post the winners’ photo on Wednesday.

joseph_haubertNow here’s more from Joseph:

Title of photo: Insta-Dallas
Equipment: iPhone 4S and Fujifilm Instacam
Tell us more about your photo: Both photos were taken on Sunday, May 11th, 2014 in the afternoon on the rooftop of my apt building in Oak Cliff. It was a really gorgeous day in Dallas. Lots of white puffy clouds in the sky. I took a minimalistic shot of downtown Dallas with my Fujifilm instacam, where you could really see how much the clouds impacted the sky in Dallas that afternoon.  Then I decided to get creative by taking a photo of my film shot over the skyline again. The result was pretty neat. I am very happy I was able to share my view with others in a unique way.

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The Big Deal: Night Of The Proms At The Verizon Theatre At Grand Prairie

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Just in time for prom season, guess what’s coming to town?  That’s right, Night of the Proms, the highly produced concert experience, has been the hottest ticket in Europe for three decades. The one-of-a-kind classic-meets-pop concert will only be coming to four American venues for the first time, and the Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie is one them. For the June 19 concert date, AEG Live has lined up Natalie Choquette, Robert Groslot, Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, John Miles, The Pointer Sisters, and Nile Rodgers and Chic. Yeah, it’s okay to freak out.

While you are signing up for this Big Deal now is the perfect time to browse our other offerings this week – tickets to see the Gipsy Kings, or tickets to see Eels with Chelsea Wolfe at the AT&T Performing Arts Center.

PLEASE NOTE: Only Art&Seek e-newsletter subscribers can win the Big Deal. If you are not a subscriber then take care of that first, then sign up below for a chance to win tickets for Night of the Proms.

UPDATE:  We have our winners. Come back next week for some more Big Deals!


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The Big Deal: Gipsy Kings 25th Anniversary Tour At The AT&T Performing Arts Center

BD Gipsy Kings big

The virtuoso musicians who form the Gipsy Kings are two bands of brothers who came together because of their love of music and their culture. It was in 1988 when the cousins came out with their self-titled debut album and introduced the world to their music, a fusion of traditional Flamenco, rumba and pop. Twenty-five years and 25 million sold-albums later the Gipsy Kings still write, record and perform. Their anniversary tour will make a stop at Strauss Square at the AT&T Performing Arts Center on May 20. For this Big Deal we have  lawn seating tickets to giveaway for this party under the stars.

And while you are signing up for this Big Deal go ahead and sign up for our other Deals this week – tickets to Night of the Proms at the Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie, or tickets to see Eels with Chelsea Wolfe at the AT&T Performing Arts Center.

PLEASE NOTE: Only Art&Seek e-newsletter subscribers can win the Big Deal. If you are not a subscriber then take care of that first, then sign up below for a chance to see Los Reyes, the Gipsy Kings at Strauss Square at the AT&T Performing Arts Center.

UPDATE:  We have our winners. Come back next week for some more Big Deals!


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The Big Deal: Eels With Chelsea Wolfe At The AT&T Performing Arts Center

BD Eels big

The latest release from the alternative rock band Eels is The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett and it is steaming hot off the presses. Dallas is the one of the first stops on their North American tour. Joining E and the guys on the Strauss Square stage at the AT&T Performing Arts Center will be drone-metal-art-folk singer, Chelsea Wolfe. Sign up for this Big Deal to catch their May 19 performance at the BYOB venue.

Also, on tap for this week’s Big Deals include tickets to Night of the Proms at the Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie, or tickets to see the Gipsy Kings at the AT&T Performing Arts Center.

PLEASE NOTE: Only Art&Seek e-newsletter subscribers can win the Big Deal. If you are not a subscriber then take care of that first, then sign up below for a chance to see Eels with Chelsea Wolfe.

UPDATE:  We have our winners. Come back next week for some more Big Deals!


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The High Five: Meet Daphne, The Dallas Zoo’s New Otter Pup

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Five stories that have North Texas talking: Denton officials will meet with the company that makes Sriracha; a UNT art project about breastfeeding has gone viral; the Dallas Zoo has a new otter pup; and more.

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The DSO Loses A Violinist; North Texas Loses An Influential Teacher

A short film about my friend, Arkady Fomin from Quin Mathews Films on Vimeo.


Arkady Fomin. Photo: DSO

There’s a vacancy in the string section of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Long-time violinist Arkady Fomin died last week. But in this appreciation, filmmaker and broadcaster Quin Mathews tells us how Fomin’s influence will continue.

Listen to the piece from KERA FM:

A standing ovation opened the final concert this weekend of the New Conservatory of Dallas, as students, parents and supporters paid tribute to its founder, Arkady Fomin, who died last week at 68.

Fomin immigrated to Dallas from Soviet Latvia in 1975 and was a violinist in the Dallas Symphony for almost 40 years.  He leaves an empty chair in the orchestra, but a life-changing influence on more than two thousand Conservatory graduates, among them Chloe Trevor, now a professional violinist.

“I mean, Mr. Fomin mean everything to me,” Trevor says.  “I mean, he was a very strong father figure in my life.  I started studying with him when I was about ten.  And I studied with him until I went to college.  I—I mean I’ll tell anybody that I learned absolutely everything from him, I mean, everything about playing violin, about music, about working together with people, about life, about anything I learned from him.”

Let me confess my bias: I’ve been involved with the Conservatory since the ’80s, serving on its advisory board, helping with concerts. That’s how I learned about these lives transformed by a teacher. I also got to film the students as Fomin turned them into cultural ambassadors, sending them to Moscow, Prague, St. Petersburg and the White House.  Amanda Ambrosio remembers that trip:

“On the plane back from the White House, the very first time, in 1986, he goes, ‘Next we’ll go to the Soviet Union, my former home or Russia,’ and sure enough, three years later we went on a plane to Russia.  We were all quite impressed.  He made that dream come true for not just obviously him but for all of us.  It was such an amazing trip and an amazing time.”

Fomin didn’t set small goals.

“Oh, no, not at all,” says Ambrosio. “Dream big and work hard and you’ll get there.  I think that’s probably the biggest lesson that I learned from Arkady.”

Ambrosio is putting that lesson to work now as a manager in the aircraft industry.

I have seen over the last 30 years that music is a powerful force in the right hands, and teaching music is a profound way to share one life with many.

Charlsie Griffiths agrees. She started violin with Fomin at 7 and continued through high school.  Now a Julliard graduate, she came back to direct the high school orchestra program in Rockwall.

“I think it’s really important when you receive such an education that you give it to the younger generation, and that’s how I decided to do what I’m doing currently,” she says.

And listen to these students.  High school students.  They are showing us what it takes to pass on things that are meaningful It takes the devotion of a remarkable life.


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Art&Seek Jr: It’s A Festival-palooza! Celebrate With One Of These 4 Family-Friendly Events

Art&Seek Jr. is one mom‘s quest to find activities to end the seemingly endless chorus of the “I’m Bored Blues” while having fun herself.  Impossible you say? Check back weekly for kid-friendly events that are fun for adults, too.

Rose is having a birthday party this weekend but preparations for the festivities began waaaaay back in January–by Rose, not me. When you’re 8, only list-making for Christmas trumps birthday party planning. I think inspiration initially struck about the time she saw the movie Frozen for the 7th time. She came to me with dreams of a cake shaped like a mountain with a toy Elsa on top and marshmallow treats shaped like Olaf the snowman. Clearly the child has me confused with Martha Stewart. I nodded at her blankly as she went on and on about how the middle of May was the perfect time for a Frozen themed party. Fast forward to this week–Frozen merchandise is the Cabbage Patch Kids of this generation and it is virtually impossible to find. Had I been a planner like Rose I would have begun squirrelling away Frozen plates, napkins and cups last January, or at the very least talked her into a Tinkerbell party whose paper products seem ubiquitous. I can already hear myself on Saturday–”Hey Kid! Only one Elsa plate per person!”

Her other request for the gala was that she wanted it to be a surprise party. I tried to explain to her that if she were in on the actual planning of the party it wouldn’t be a surprise, hence the name “surprise” party. She insisted she would be surprised when the time came so I acquiesced and have moved forward with the preparations for a Frozen themed semi-surprise party.

Besides Rose’s fabulous Frozen fiesta with limited branded party supplies there are also a whole heap of other festivals this weekend. Here are a few for you to check out with your favorite small fry.

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Charles Marowitz, Legendary Critic, Playwright and One-Time Fort Worth Director, Dies

Marowitz-wwwThe New York Times reports that Charles Marowitz has died of Parkinson’s in California. He was 82.

As an American theater artist in ‘swinging London’ in the late ’60s and early ’70s, Marowitz will go down in history as the first director of such groundbreaking plays as Joe Orton’s Loot, John Herbert’s Fortune and Men’s Eyes and Sam Shepard’s The Tooth of Crime. He also collaborated with Peter Brook in some of England’s earliest experimental theater work with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

In Prick Up Your Ears, his biography of Joe Orton, author-critic John Lahr provides an unflattering portrait of Marowitz as a pugnacious, would-be hipster, eager to court controversy and make some money doing it. But Lahr also concludes that, given London’s sleepy theater scene at the time, Marowitz was pretty much the necessary engine of what little avant-garde it had.

Something neither the New York Times nor the LATimes mentions: In the mid-’90s, Marowitz had a brief stint in Fort Worth, directing plays at the Caravan of Dreams.

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Meet A 7-Year-Old Opera Superfan

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Will Moore is an opera fanatic — and he’s only 7. Photo: Dane Walters/KERA

Listen to the story that aired on KERA FM:

Seven-year-old Will Moore likes opera. A lot. The North Texas boy saw his first opera, “Magic Flute,” when he was just 5.

He studies opera composers on his iPod, thanks to an app called Master Opera.

After he’s seen an opera, Will sometimes likes to read the summary of it in the “Grove Book of Opera.”

“But if I haven’t seen it, I don’t,” he said. “Because I want to surprise myself.”

And he’s a fan of all kinds of classical music. Last year’s Christmas present? A CD of all the music that Wilhelm Furtwängler conducted.

“There are 100 discs in this.”

He corrects himself: “I mean, 107.”

Loves seeing opera in person

Will watches opera DVDs at home. But he loves attending live performances. He even begs his parents, Geoffrey and Susan Moore, to take him out of town to see them. And he’s a regular at the Met Live broadcasts in local movie theaters.

His three favorite operas? “Les Troyans,” “Carmen” and “Francesca Da Rimini.”

He’s pretty straightforward about the appeal.

“I really like the music and the singing,” he said. “I don’t exactly know why, but in a lot of parts, the music just makes me feel happy.”

A birthday present: Seeing the Seattle Opera — in Seattle

Will’s also got a little obsession with Wagner’s “Ring” cycle.

“I saw the old Met Ring and the new Met Ring, and also the one in Seattle,” he said. “But I only saw the one in Seattle live.”

That’s right. After watching the Ring on DVD, he asked his parents to take him to the Seattle Opera for his birthday last year. He wanted to see it live.

“I watched all four operas,” he says. “And there was only one time when I fell asleep. I fell asleep during Siegfried.”

His parents, who are divorced, support Will’s passion. They both love music, too. Geoffrey Moore used to work in the education department at the Dallas Opera. These days, he lives in University Park and he’s pursuing a doctorate in theology at SMU. Susan Moore, who lives in Lakewood, works as a business manager at a financial consulting firm.

They both encourage all of Will’s interests – he likes to read, play piano and watch movies. He recently went camping. He likes other music, like jazz, and one particular traditional song is a favorite.

“I really like ‘The Bear Went Over the Mountain’,” he says, giggling.

He tries to convert his friends

But opera is his favorite. His parents don’t push it. Will is the one begging, sometimes nagging, to go. They just happen to have the car that can get him there.

Even with supportive parents, it’s not always easy being an opera fan in first grade. He’s tried to convert a few friends.

“That hasn’t worked very well,” Will admits. “They were like, ‘I totally don’t like this; Why did you ask me?’ and I was like, ‘Hey, I just thought you might like it if you listened to it.’” 

But he perseveres. He’s thinking about being a doctor when he grows up. No matter what he does, he’s pretty sure he’ll find a place for music in his life.

“Because I like opera so much,” he said, “I just feel like I’ll never stop liking it.”

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The High Five: Weather Channel Starts Twitter Fight With Fort Worth’s Joel Burns, Sparking Social Media Storm

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Five stories that have North Texas talking: Did you catch the Fort Worth and Weather Channel Twitter battle on Monday; Sriracha fever continues; Pecan Lodge prepares for its big move to Deep Ellum; and more.


  • The maker of the popular hot sauce Sriracha said Monday that he has no plans to move his contested plant out of California. But he would consider expanding into Texas if the Lone Star State can produce peppers as hot as the ones grown especially for him in Southern California. A pair of Texas lawmakers toured the Huy Fong Foods plant in the Irwindale, where officials are moving to declare David Tran’s operation a nuisance after residents complained about flaming hot odors burning their throats and eyes. Texas State Sen. Carlos Uresti and state Rep. Jason Villalba held a news conference after the visit to extol the virtues of doing business in Texas. Tran said Texas must prove it can grow chili peppers as hot as the hybrid jalapenos he gets. Tran said he would be open to putting a second plant in California or another state, but key is finding a place with the weather and soil conditions to support the hybrid peppers. Uresti and Villalba said their state’s agriculture officials will begin investigating conditions in Texas. [Associated Press]
  • The super-popular Pecan Lodge marked its last day at the Dallas Farmers Market over the weekend. But, dear barbecue fans, there’s no need to fret. Pecan Lodge will open again soon – perhaps May 23 – in Deep Ellum. The Dallas Observer visited on Sunday to soak in the scene – and the sauce. The Observer reports: “There was a feeling of nostalgia that hung heavy in the air at Shed 2, because most understood that Pecan Lodge will be a completely new animal when it reopens in Deep Ellum soon. … Most expected a deluge of customers on this last day of business — a television camera captured the first plates of brisket as they slid across the counter — but the line was the shortest it had been in some time, barely running the length of the restaurant. It was Mother’s Day, and Mom trumps all — even smoked meats.”


  • Mayors of two North Texas towns affected by the recent string of earthquakes testified Monday at a Texas House subcommittee meeting. The Texas Tribune has this report: The mayors say that the state has moved too slowly in investigating what’s behind the phenomenon and whether local oil and gas activities are to blame.  “If I could sum up our experience in one word, it would be frustration,” Azle Mayor Alan Brundrett said Monday at the first meeting of the Texas House Subcommittee on Seismic Activity. “While everyone seemed genuinely concerned, there is a disconnect between various stakeholders.” Lynda Stokes, mayor of neighboring Reno, said her town’s major concerns are “getting lost in politics.” … The Tribune reports the subcommittee is tasked with investigating any possible links between the state’s booming oil and gas industry and a recent uptick in earthquakes.


  • She’s called Fort Worth’s godmother of rock ‘n roll. Fort Worth Weekly profiles LaVon Rosenauer, aka Ema, who for 40 years has run a booking agency that “provides everything from pop bands to clowns to celebrity look-alikes to orchestras to comedians.” The Weekly reports: “She had no idea … that she would become a major force in the local rock ’n’ roll scene during the roaring 1960s and 1970s, back when bands like Texas, Lynx, Lo Della, Savvy, Jamm, and Pantera ran wild.” She handled local bookings for Pantera for about a year before the group got really big. She got into the business when she booked gigs for a band that her sons formed. Soon, bands were lining up for her services.  Today, she’s 84, but she plans on continuing to work and book gigs.


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