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New Home For Dallas Holocaust Museum

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holocaust new (2)

Here’s what the new Holocaust Museum may look like. Note: This pix updates a previously published photo.

Plans are underway to give the Dallas Holocaust Museum a new home. Museum officials say they have purchased two parcels of land near the West End, not far from the museum’s current home at 211 Record St.  The museum will be built on one site, between Pacific and Ross Aves, and Houston and Lamar Sts. The land was purchased last year. The other site nearby will be used for parking. It was purchased in 2005.

The Berenbaum Group has completed an initial stage of exhibition design. (Michael Berenbaum formerly worked with the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.) The plan is to design exhibition space first, and then the building around it. Omni Plan developed conceptual designs for the building.

The project doesn’t yet have a budget or timeline, and museum staff have only had initial conversations with potential funders.

The museum will continue to focus on preserving evidence of, and educating about, the Holocaust. And it will also tackle topics such as contemporary genocide, Civil Rights, and current events. “Given all that is happening in the world today, and the constant and destructive force of hatred and prejudice, we are more convinced than ever that North Texas needs this museum,” according to a statement from the museum.

holocaust lobby 2 014_1107_Museum_Lobby

Lobby concept for a new Holocaust Museum.


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Wanna Live Forever? Step 1: See “The Immortalists”

Guest blogger David Alvarado is a New York-based documentary filmmaker focused on science, technology and the future. He was born and raised in Dallas, attended the University of North Texas and later received his MFA from Stanford University. He founded Structure Films, a documentary start-up that aims to make science storytelling accessible, artful and entertaining. (He’s also a former KERA intern!)



Bill Andrews and Aubrey de Grey, the subjects of “The Immortalists”

What would the world look like if human beings didn’t grow old? How would being ‘forever young’ alter the human condition, economy, environment and religion? Is it possible, and if it is, is it desirable? As co-directors, we (that’s me, Dallas native David Alvarado & California based Jason Sussberg) first started thinking about these questions in the basement of Stanford University’s CCRMA (computer music center), where we were hired as editors to work on an experimental music performance immediately after finishing graduate school.

David Alvarado

David Alvarado.

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One More 2014 List: Joan Davidow’s Art Favorites

Rehearsal, by Francis Aly. Photo: Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

“Rehearsal,” by Francis Alys. Photo: Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

We’re squeaking in one last look at 2014. KERA Commentator Joan Davidow sent along her 14 favorite art sites in 2014. Enjoy!

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Documenting Jewish Life In Eastern Europe


“Between Destinations,” by Loli Kantor. 2005. Ukraine.

Fort Worth photographer Loli Kantor longed to visit Poland and connect with the homeland of her parents, Jews who survived the Holocaust. In 2004, she took the first of many trips to Poland and Ukraine, and began capturing the images that would be collected in her book, Beyond the Forest. Kantor stopped by KERA to chat about about searching for the Jewish presence in Eastern Europe.

Listen the piece that aired on KERA FM


Loli Kantor. Photo: Jill Johnson

Your mom died hours after you were born, and your dad died when you were young. And finding photos of them is part of what got you interested in photography.

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Saturday Spotlight – Dieselpunk Comes to Farmers Branch

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For this week’s Art & Seek Spotlight, we’re celebrating the good ole days at the 2nd Annual Vintage Life Expo at the Farmers Branch Manske Library. You’ll experience the history, music, and fashion of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s at this event hosted by The North Texas Dieselpunks. The Singapore Slingers will perform as you enjoy games and other vintage-inspired groups and art. Check out the video below to find out more about Dieselpunk.


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Remembering Maestro Mata


Twenty years ago this week, the conductor who helped build the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Eduardo Mata, died in a plane crash. Tonight, the orchestra honors his memory with a piece Mata conducted at his first Dallas concert.


Eduardo Mata. Photo: DSO

In the world of classical music, Mexico City native Eduardo Mata was a youngster when he began his 16-year Dallas run. Mary Reynolds, a first section violinist for nearly 4 decades was hired by Mata. She says the then 35 year-old maestro was already rising star with an RCA record contract to boot.
“It was important for the DSO because it was an ongoing contract, on a yearly basis probably two to three recordings a year. I think it put the DSO on the map in a very viable way,” Reynolds said.

She also loved the way Mata interpreted Mexican composers and music with Mexican themes. Mata’s recording of Copland’s El Salon Mexico is her favorite recording of the work.
“For us it was really kind of revolutionary to play those works of Moncayo and of course the Chavez we’re playing this week, the Sinfonia India. But also the Copland El Salon Mexico because with Eduardo the tempi are absolutely perfect.”

Bass player Clifford Spohr, with the orchestra more than half a century, says Mata also brought a goal of musical perfection.
“His legacy is precision. He had us playing so precisely it just set the standard for our playing. We try to live up to that, still.”
Equally impressive was Mata’s calm under pressure. Principal percussionist Doug Howard remembers Mata conducting the orchestra about when he started in 1977. The lead violinist made a mistake, starting a solo early. It could have been disaster.
“And without skipping a beat, Eduardo started cuing people to come in one at a time and it was as if nothing ever happened. I mean the audience couldn’t have known. He didn’t allow it to get out of control. He just fixed it. On the spot. I went home and said this man’s a genius.”
Mata’s tenure with Dallas ended in 1993. He was about to start a new position leading the New Zealand Symphony when he died. The DSO held a memorial concert for him then. Some remember it as one of the most moving events they’ve ever seen at the Meyerson. This weekend’s performances show that two decades later, memories of Mata’s passion for
music run as deep as the musicians’ love and appreciation of the maestro.

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The Big Screen: Previewing The Dallas Medianale

BigScreen_logoSMALLThis weekend, the Dallas Medianale will show movies like you’ve likely never seen. Video art, experimental short films and intermedia performances will all be part of the event. This week, we talk  to Bart Weiss of the Video Association of Dallas about what to expect.

Be sure to subscribe to The Big Screen on iTunes. Stream this week’s episode below or download it.

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The Big Deal: Dallas Summer Musicals Presents Dinosaur Train: Live! Buddy’s Big Adventure

BD dino train post

All aboard for this week’s special Art&Seek Jr. Big Deal – from Dallas Summer Musicals. Enter to win a family 4-pack of tickets to see Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train: Live! Buddy’s Big Adventure. Take your family to see Buddy and his family come to life in this live interactive production. Through interactivity, music and laughter your teeny tots will not only enjoy this musical journey with their favorite characters from the popular PBS series, but they will also learn a thing or two about their Dinosaur pals. The Dinosaur Train pulls up to Music Hall at Fair Park on Jan. 17.

Now that you got the little ones taken care of, do something for the grownups in  your family. Check out our other Big Deal this week, tickets to see TITAS Presents Ronald K. Brown/Evidence, A Dance Company at AT&T Performing Arts Center.

PLEASE NOTE: Only Art&Seek e-newsletter subscribers can win the Big Deal.  If you are not a subscriber then take care of that first, then sign up below for a chance to sing and dance with Buddy and his friends in Dinosaur Train: Live! Buddy’s Big Adventure.

UPDATE:  We have our winner. Thanks for playing.

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The Big Deal: TITAS Presents Ronald K. Brown/Evidence At The AT&T Performing Arts Center

Photo: AT&T Performing Arts Center

Photo: AT&T Performing Arts Center

Ronald K. Brown/Evidence, A Dance Company takes the stage at the Winspear Opera House. The Brooklyn BRIC House dancers perform works choreographed by Brown and accompanied by the soulful songs of the legendary Stevie Wonder.  Sign up to win a night of great dance and music with this TITAS presentation on Jan. 17 at the AT&T Performing Arts Center in Dallas.

Now is also the perfect time to do something for the little ones in your life. Check out our other Big Deal this week – family tickets to see Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train: Live! Buddy’s Big Adventure presented by Dallas Summer Musicals at Music Hall at Fair Park.

PLEASE NOTE: Only Art&Seek e-newsletter subscribers can win the Big Deal.  If you are not a subscriber then take care of that first, then sign up below for a chance to see Ronald K. Brown/Evidence perform.

UPDATE:  We have our winner. Thanks for playing.

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Art&Seek Jr: Celebrate The Imagination In 2015

Art&Seek Jr. is one mom‘s quest to find activities to end the seemingly endless chorus of the “I’m Bored Blues” while having fun herself.  Impossible you say? Check back on Tuesdays for kid-friendly events that are fun for adults, too.

I witnessed something pretty comical yesterday that got me thinking about how kids play and reminded me to never, never, never buy a toy that advertises “hours of fun.”

Picture this: It’s 11 days post Christmas and our house is bursting at the seams with Monster High dolls, Beanie Boos, puzzles, games, LEGOs and various other loot that my child acquired during the joyous holiday season. The packaging alone for all this….stuff has filled three trash cans. I’m in the middle of trying to figure out where we’re going to stash the latest army of zombie dolls when I look outside and see Rose and three of her friends playing with a broken hand cart. And when I say playing, I mean full-on frolicking accompanied by open-mouth laughing and little girl squealing. They were having a great time, and it went on for quite a while despite the cool temperatures outdoors. As I watched them play I was instantly reminded of the old box cliche. You know the one–it’s when the kids overlook the fantastic, fancy toys and play with the box or bubble wrap instead. Of course these kids took it a step farther. Not only did they ignore the toys, but they passed up three trash cans full of bubble wrap and boxes and opted for a broken hand cart with a wobbly wheel instead.

Next year I’m doing my shopping at the dump.

Here’s are some picks to help you get those imaginations pumping–no batteries required.

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