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Saturday Spotlight – Party Like it’s the 1980s at the Modern

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Work by Jeff Koons, part of the URBAN THEATER: NEW YORK ART IN THE 1980s exhibition at the Modern.

For this week’s Art & Seek Spotlight, we’re headed to the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth for a special 80s edition of the Modern ‘til Midnight. The museum stays open late for this party featuring break dancing, classic arcade games, and tours of the exhibition “Urban Theater: New York Art in the 1980s.” Head out to the lawn to hear local bands play 80s favorites.

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Artists Chosen for 10th Annual Art Conspiracy

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 Art Conspiracy turns 10 this year.  165 artists will create works in 24 hours. They’ll all be auctioned off on Nov. 15 at a big party  in West Dallas featuring music from Booty Fade, Son of Stan, The Happy Bullets, and DJ Ceepee. The annual event raises money for a different small arts-related non profit – this year, it’s Anita M. Martinez Ballet Folklorico. We just got the list of the “conspirators.” Check it out.

  1. Abby Bagby
  2. Alex(Alejandro) Trevino
  3. Alfie Coy
  4. Alfredo Piña
  5. Alison Jardine
  6. Alison Tischler
  7. Allison Slomowitz
  8. Amanda Norman
  9. Amy Ellis
  10. Anastasia Smith
  11. Andrea Bays
  12. Angela Rawlings
  13. Anna Lively
  14. April Wenzel
  15. Aralyn McGregor
  16. Arielle McMahon
  17. Austin McKinney
  18. Betty “BeSo” Southerland
  19. Bianca Elise
  20. Breonny Lee
  21. Brian Price
  22. Cabe Booth
  23. Can Turkyilmaz
  24. Candy Ramirez
  25. Carissa Byers
  26. Caroline Oliver
  27. Cathey Miller
  28. Cecil Coronado III
  29. Chris Fulmer
  30. Christopher Gonzalez
  31. Clint Scism
  32. Corey Godfrey
  33. Corey Johnson
  34. Dana McGuire
  35. Dani Kent
  36. Danny Rose
  37. David  Rodriguez
  38. David Grinnell
  39. David Wilson
  40. Devyn Gaudet
  41. Diana Slavinsky
  42. Diane Durant
  43. Donna Head
  44. Douglas Landrith
  45. Dylan & Pamela Dowdy
  46. Eileen Simeonov
  47. Elina Suvi
  48. Elizabeth Hatfield
  49. Elizabeth Hurtado
  50. Enrique Mascorro
  51. Erika Krivda
  52. Erin Reeves
  53. Essie Graham
  54. Frances Yllana
  55. Fred Peña
  56. Gabe Cardinale
  57. Greg Needel
  58. Hal Samples
  59. Hannah Crane
  60. Heather Griffin
  61. Heidi Hiser
  62. Hobbes Vincent
  63. Iris Candelaria
  64. Jacque Forsher
  65. Janet Reynolds
  66. Jason Janik
  67. Jason Peterson
  68. Jason Weiner
  69. Jeff Corkran
  70. Jennifer Portz
  71. Jenny Heissenhuber
  72. Jessica Martinez
  73. Jill Foltz
  74. Jim Clement
  75. Jody Pham
  76. John Davenport
  77. John Faulkenbury
  78. Johnny Hawkins
  79. Johnny Perez
  80. Jon Cypriano
  81. Jon McKnight
  82. Julie Boland
  83. Justin Clumpner
  84. Kasten Searles
  85. Kate “k8″ Langley
  86. Kate Mackley
  87. Keeli miller
  88. Kelli Pepper
  89. Kelly Clemons
  90. Kelly Sulak
  91. Kenneth Crain
  92. Kevin Lee Hitchings
  93. Kris Swenson
  94. Kristi Madden
  95. Kristin Powers
  96. Kurt Griesbach
  97. Lacy Barnett-Cagle
  98. Lauren McKillip
  99. Lauren Shafer
  100. Leah Shafer
  101. Leyna Hutchinson
  102. Lisa Barker
  103. Lisa Lindholm
  104. LuzCarmen Avendano
  105. Marcie Dodd
  106. Margaret McDowell
  107. Margo Miller
  108. Marilyn Vicente
  109. Mark Maxey
  110. Mary Katherine McElroy
  111. Matt Moody
  112. Megan Mckinney
  113. Megan Smith
  114. Melissa Ellis
  115. Michael Broussard
  116. Michael Mckenzie
  117. Michael Moffatt
  118. Mike Arreaga
  119. Mike Keller
  120. Monica Moody
  121. Montanna Honeycutt
  122. Moriah Burchfield
  123. Natalie Lambert
  124. Nicholas Denman
  125. Nicole Marxen-Myers
  126. Nina Harp
  127. Olivia Cole
  128. Pamela Fine
  129. Paul Semrad
  130. Philip Garner
  131. Phillip McVean
  132. Pure Cane Sugar
  133. Rachel Lee Stephens
  134. Rachel Spire
  135. Richard Andrew Sharum
  136. Richard Patterson
  137. Richard Ross
  138. Richard Rukus
  139. Rick Fontenot
  140. Robert Hold
  141. Robin Myrick
  142. Roxanne Mather
  143. Rx SEVEN
  144. Samuel Isaguirre
  145. Sara Lovas
  146. Sarah Francis
  147. Sarah Hosseini
  148. Sarah Stanley
  149. Sierra Sintic
  150. Sonia Isaguirre
  151. Stephanie Fudge
  152. Stephanie Wray
  153. Stephen Terrell
  154. Stephenie Barr-Hughes
  155. Steve Rainwater
  156. Steve Reeves
  157. Steven Barker
  158. Steven Hamilton
  159. Susan Langley
  160. Tanya Meurer
  161. Teresa Moralez
  162. Tom Carlton
  163. Travis Bush
  164. Vanessa “NREAZON” Velasquez
  165. Victoria Neidell
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Glasstire Top 5: John Wilcox, Mike Osborne

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Continuing to share Glasstire’s weekly  Top 5 – a look at their picks for art to see around the state.

This week, there were two picks from the DFW area.  The third installation at The Wilcox Space, a space dedicated to the artwork of the late John Wilcox, is opening on Friday night, which is the only time the public can view the space without an appointment. The artist’s former studio in Exposition Park has been turned into a gallery dedicated to showing his work. The guest curator changes from show to show. This time it’s Leigh Arnold, assistant curator at the Nasher Sculpture Center, who focuses on Wilcox’ use of words in his work.

Also, Mike Osborne’s Monopoly is showing at the Holly Johnson Gallery.  Monopoly translates the board game into photographs that grapple with Atlantic City’s complicated past and present. 

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A Little Shop Of Horrors – With Some Really Fine Music

dp and choruseditDavid Pierce, center, and chorus line in rehearsal for Cirque du Horror. Photo: Jerome Weeks

The past five years, a musical cabaret horror show has become a popular, annual Halloween tradition in Denton. It features dancers, musicians, shadow puppets and people dressed up as zombies and giant spiders. KERA’s Jerome Weeks reports it’s mostly a funky, silly scarefest – with the real thrills coming from the band.

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Blending The Edges of Art, Music, Fashion – Lee Escobedo And THRWD Magazine

    • THRWD celebrates its fifth issue at Red Arrow Contemporary Saturday at 8 p.m.
    • Escobedo is starting a new project with Jesse Porter and Billy Lam called  An LBJ Experience. Their first event, “Artist 2 Artist,” happens Nov. 21. Watch Facebook for details. 
    • Listen to the conversation that aired on KERA FM
lee escobedo pix

Lee Escobedo. Photo: Kirsten Hetherly

What’s bubbling underneath the surface and emerging outside the mainstream in art, music and fashion in Dallas? It’s a question that fascinates Lee Escobedo. With Javier Valadez, Escobedo, 29, co-publishes THRWD, a quarterly magazine and web site, and throws a host of related shows from music to poetry.

THRWD’s  audience is inspired by collaboration, cross pollination and  DIY  culture. Turns out, Escobedo isn’t just writing about it. He’s living it.

Here are excerpts and extras from our conversation:

On who’s reading THRWD:

It’s mainly a group of kids from inner city neighborhoods – Pleasant Grove, Oak Cliff, Irving, South Dallas. These are mostly minority kids. I say kids loosely, between the ages 17-23.

Kids who like to skateboard. Kids who like to make zines and listen to a wide variety of music, from punk and noise to hiphop and  avante garde and jazz.  Kids who aren’t necessarily plugged into what’s happening in Dallas contemporarily, but  also are aware that something exists outside their neighborhood and they’re curious about that. And that’s evolved too.

Every time we have an event there’s always a small conglomerate of artists  working within the Dallas arts and culture scene. But most important we want to be a mentorship program in a way, inspire kids to build projects and do projects much greater than anything we’re doing right now.

On growing with THROWD:

“One of the first people who came to our events, his name is Eddie Moran. He was at our very first event, poetry night Lucky Dog Books in Oak Cliff off Davis in 2013

He was just this kid, right out of high school He was like 19. He came, and he talked to me afterwards and he said, ‘I’ve never seen anything like this before, I didn’t know something like this exists in my neighborhood. Like this is two streets down from where I live’…

throwd cover

Musician Sam Lao on the cover of the new issue.

I said come to the next one, help out. So he started coming to everything we did. When we started growing, I saw him growing with us. So if I put on a noise show in west dallas, he was there….

He was taking it all in and absorbing it and figuring out what he wanted to do with his life.  Until two months ago, he called me and was like ‘Hey, I’m managing this artist Jenny Robinson out of Denton and wanted to know if THRWD wanted to be part of her release party.’ And I was like, that’s it. Exactly. We have literally manifested this person’s interest into a career.

On the “compound” he calls home:

About a year ago Kevin Ruben Jacobs wanted to expand what he was doing. He was living above OFG, at that time called Oliver Francis Gallery [which Jacobs founded].  He wanted to have more of a community. He wanted to build almost a fellowship of like minded people who were all invested in some form of what Dallas was doing.

He picked Francisco Moreno who he went to college with at UT-Arlington.. Arthur Peña who he met at Rhode Island School of Design, when he went to visit Francisco. And then Michelle Rawlings, who lives in the house next door. And then next to her is Travis LaMothe.

So there are six of us, Travis, Michelle, Francisco and Art are all painters. Keven is a curator at Goss Michael.   I’m a writer and publisher and booker of rad shows. We all kind of help each other out. If Francisco has an open studio, I bring the THRWD crowd out to visit him. Kevin lets me and Art both use his gallery [OFG] to book shows in. It’s cool. It’s a fun time

It’s nice to have people you can depend on, both personally and professionally. It’s cool to be next door and just chat about any idea or concept you might have. Oh, do you have a sponsor, Oh cool, I have a venue. Well let’s put together a show. It’s cool. It works like that a lot.

A few people and places Escobedo says deserve more attention:

Dallas Biennial (DB 14): Jesse Morgan Barnett and Michael Mazurek. “Needs to be some intense in-depth coverage of what they’re doing.”

Warewolf House (now defunct) and Vice Palace [roving music shows put on by Arthur Peña]. “That curatorial project is super interesting.”

Two Bronze Doors: “They provide a very nice DIY platform for concerts, various mediums… musicians, artists. It’s kind of a meeting grounds for the different scenes.”

Crown & Harp: “Probably the most important venue in Dallas period. Monday nights, Stefan Gonzalez, an avant garde drummer and part of Yells at Eels, and some other bands have this weird programing of performance art, experimental music and camp downstairs called Outward Bound Mix Tape Sessions. And then upstairs Tony Schwa and the Cool Out. One of the longest running DJ nights in Dallas.  That’s on a Monday night you can find most of the far ranging spectrums of the music and art world come together.  It’s a great combination of all the talent that’s working in Dallas right now.”




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White Rock Water Theater Put On National List Of ‘At-Risk’ Sites

alison smith1Photo: Alison V. Smith

The art installation is called the White Rock Lake Wildlife Water Theater. The metal poles standing in the water attract birds. But years of neglect have caused the poles to rust and neighborhood groups to call for their removal. KERA’s Jerome Weeks reports now the Water Theater has been placed on a national list of “at-risk’ cultural sites, and the city is trying to determine what can be done with it.

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The Big Screen: ‘Listen Up Philip’

BigScreen_logoSMALLIn Listen Up Philip, Jason Schwartzman is a novelist who uses his professional struggles as an excuse to alienate everyone in his personal life. The film was developed by the North Texas production company Sailor Bear, and this week, we talk to one of its principals – James Johnston – about what it took to make the movie. And we give him a chance to glow in the rave review from The New York Times.

Listen Up Philip opens at the Texas Theatre on Friday.

Be sure to subscribe to The Big Screen on iTunes. Stream this week’s episode below or download it.

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The Big Deal: Lone Star Film Society’s 2014 Lone Star Film Festival

Lone star

The Imitation Game

Taking place over the course of four days in early November, the Eighth Annual Lone Star Film Festival will screen approximately 40 feature films, including narratives and documentaries, rediscovered classics and shorts and the most celebrated specialty releases of the year.  Screenings will be held primarily within Sundance Square in Fort Worth. The Modern Art Museum will be the home for Christopher Kelly’s Modern Cinema program.

The lineup of films for the festival include: The Imitation Game starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley; Mr. Turner, the biopic that earned star Timothy Spall Best Actor at Cannes; and another big winner at Cannes, the Turkish production, Winter Sleep. Win this Big Deal and your two Festival Passes will provide you and your buddy access to all screenings, panels and events including Opening and Closing Night films. Does not include the LSFF Ball and Filmmaker Awards Dinner.

Mr. Turner

Mr. Turner

And while you are at, don’t miss your chance to sign up for our other offerings this week – tickets to see the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra present Hitchcock! at Bass Performance Hall, or tickets Circle Theatre’s Fellowship! The Musical Parody of ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’

PLEASE NOTE: Only Art&Seek e-newsletter subscribers can win the Big Deal. If you are not a subscriber then take care of that first, then sign up below for a chance to win Festival Passes to the Eighth Annual Lone Star Film Festival presented by the Lone Star Film Society.

UPDATE:  We have our winners. Thanks for playing!

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The Big Deal: Circle Theatre Presents Fellowship! The Musical Parody Of ‘The Fellowship Of The Ring’

BD fellowship cast

Photo: Circle Theatre

J.R.R. Tolkien’s story about a diminutive Hobbit and his posse of fellow warriors fighting the evil Dark Lord Sauron was first a best-selling novel series. Then it became a wildly popular adventure movie franchise. With all that doom and gloom, those menacing Black Riders, bone-crunching Orcs, and dire world-ending prophecies it wasn’t long afterwards when somebody came up with the idea, “Hey, let’s make a musical out of this!” Well apparently, it worked. After numerous awards and sold-out runs in the Los Angeles area and New York the long-running musical is coming to Middle Earth, or at least here. Enter this Big Deal and win a pair of tickets to see the musical parody, Fellowship! at Circle Theatre in Fort Worth on Halloween, Oct. 31.

While you are signing up for this Big Deal, go ahead and take the opportunity to sign up for our other Big Deals this week – tickets to see the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra Present Hitchcock! at Bass Performance Hall, and Festival passes to the 2014 Lone Star Film Festival in Sundance Square.

PLEASE NOTE: Only Art&Seek e-newsletter subscribers can win the Big Deal. If you are not a subscriber then take care of that first, then sign up below for a chance to see Fellowship! The Musical Parody of ‘The Fellowship of the Ring.’

UPDATE:  We have our winners. Thanks for playing!

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The Big Deal: Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra Presents ‘Hitchcock!’

BD hitchcock

Image: Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra

Just in time for Halloween, the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra invites you to experience the musical anthology of Alfred Hitchcock’s greatest thrills and chills! (Cue the eerie violin strings.)

Hitchcock was a master of weaving music, sound and images to squeeze and wring the absolute most amount of tension in a scene to the point it leaves the viewer anxiety-ridden and exhausted. Under the baton of Miguel Harth-Bedoya, the Fort Worth Symphony will perform some of those spine-tingling film scores while scenes from some of Hitchcock’s classic thrillers are projected on the movie screen at Bass Performance Hall. Win this Big Deal and you and a companion will receive tickets to the Nov. 7 performance of FWSO’s Hitchcock!

And if signing up for this Big Deal leaves you wanting to see more films then sign up for our other Big Deal this week – Festival passes to the 2014 Lone Star Film Festival in Sundance Square, or tickets to Circle Theatre’s Fellowship! The Musical Parody of ‘The Fellowship of the Ring.’

PLEASE NOTE: Only Art&Seek e-newsletter subscribers can win the Big Deal. If you are not a subscriber then take care of that first, then sign up below for a chance to win tickets to see the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra present Hitchcock!

UPDATE:  We have our winners. Thanks for playing!

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