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The Big Screen: Owen Wilson, Action Star

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This week, we talk about Wilson’s transition from funny man to fighter.

Exclusive Time-Lapse Requiem: ‘De-Installing’ The Giant Di Suvero Sculpture

The towering Proverb stood at the corner of Woodall Rodgers and Pearl for nearly 13 years. It came down Tuesday, and you can watch the massive undertaking as one of the tallest works by renowned sculptor Mark di Suvero is dismantled.

The Big Screen: The Decline of Western Civilization

This week, we revisit the punk and glam-metals scenes of the 1980s, the subject of a stellar music trilogy showing this weekend at the Texas Theatre.

An Icon At 50: NorthPark’s Artworks

NorthPark’s art collection is one of the things that makes the 50-year-old mall special. So we take a look at what’s there.

An Icon At 50: NorthPark’s Architecture

There are other shopping malls that are fancier and newer than NorthPark, and many malls like NorthPark have closed in recent years. For its 50th anniversary, we’re taking a look at how, instead, NorthPark has become a Dallas centerpiece, an icon.

The Big Screen: A Return To Compton

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This week, we discuss the new film about N.W.A.’s late ‘80s rise and hear from a Dallas rapper about why N.W.A remains relevant.

Review: ‘Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play’ At Stage West

Stage West offer its most ambitious, most adventurous, silly show in a long while – about an apocalyptic future in which people re-enact episodes of The Simpsons and manage to re-invent theater out of our radioactive pop-culture.

Stop! In The Name of Spanish: Offering Broadway Musicals In Dallas – In Live Translation

Nearly half-a-million people in this area speak Spanish exclusively or as their primary language. The AT&T PAC wants to lure them into seeing Broadway shows like the current Motown – by providing live, simultaneous translations. Turns out, it’s a tricky bit of theater to pull off.

They’re At It Again: The Indians At The Improv Are Back

A dozen years ago, three North Texas stand-ups – all of them sons of Indian immigrants – started the landmark Indians at the Improv tour when there were almost no Indian comics around. Nowadays, Asiz Ansari sells out Madison Square Garden – and the three North Texas Indians are re-uniting for one night in Addison.

Ash Studios Near Fair Park: A Do-It-Yourself Arts Center?

It’s a ramshackle compound with a pre-fab shed and an enclosed yard littered with half-done artworks and a couch. But there’s a lot of arts activity going on in the Ash Studios.

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