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In Houston, It’s ‘Alien’ Vs. The Rhinemaidens!

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Well, Wagner did write a ‘cosmic’ opera cycle with gods and superbeings. So the Houston Grand Opera launches its Ring with a big, splashy, sci-fi, Star Warsy version of Das Rheingold.

An Interview with Lumière: Childhood Fantasy Completed

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Be our guest, be our guest! Danielle Georgiou checks one off the bucket list when she chats with the actor portraying the singing candle from the beloved “Beauty and the Beast,” which opens tonight at the Winspear.

Julian Schnabel Is Coming Back to North Texas

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Before he became internationally celebrated for his ‘plate paintings’ and his films (Before Night Falls), Julian Schnabel was a New York teenager growing up in Texas. We ask him about that and about his new painting show coming to the Dallas Contemporary.

DTC’s Next Season: Bigger, Newer, Older And Football-Related

The new season gets expanded from seven shows to nine – with a world-premiere musical (of course) but also a big, ambitious, unusual drama — about UT football.

Men in Tights: The Trocks Do Dallas

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Watching men perform as prima ballerinas gives guest blogger Danielle Georgiou new insight into the history, power – and humor – of dance.

DMA Joins ‘Art Everywhere’ – Largest Outdoor Art Gallery in US

Five major American art museums are joining forces for Art Everywhere, which has people pick 50 favorite paintings from their collections to be put up on billboards, busboards and poster. Kinda like the world’s biggest online ‘Top 10′ list.

Showing Us The Crown Of Her Head

Paula Crown’s “Inside My Head,” currently at the Dallas Contemporary, blends MRI scans with artistic manipulations. So I brought along two doctors to examine the patient.

The Big Guy’s Coming Back.

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The Dallas Opera is bringing back its world-premiere production of Moby-Dick in 2016.

Dallas Arts Week 2014 Is, Like, Next Week!

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Be sure to check out all the activities for Dallas Arts Week. The fun happens April 5 -13.

Art&Seek Jr: Grab Yourself Some Arts and Culture This Weekend

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Art&Seek Jr. says take the youngsters to celebrate the arts this weekend with these cool events.

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