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DTC’s Next Season: Bigger, Newer, Older And Football-Related

The new season gets expanded from seven shows to nine – with a world-premiere musical (of course) but also a big, ambitious, unusual drama — about UT football.

Bradly Brown And The Art Of Staying Busy

With a bunch of arts festivals, fairs and arts weeks coming up, we talk with one North Texas artist who has three projects going on right now, in addition to teaching. Bradly Brown is into process, he says. He’s also labor-intenstive.

We Look At Seattle Artists’ Lofts, See How That Might Work In Dallas

Flora Lofts should break ground in the Arts District this summer. So let’s look into this whole affordable artists’ housing deal. Hmmm. Sounds like a trip to Seattle is called for.

Should White Rock Water Theater … Close Its Doors?

The poles in the water near the Bath House — the ones all the birds like — are not just some abandoned dock. But they look like that, which is why some groups are pushing for their removal. Or renovation.

First Ever Dallas Solo Fest Coming Soon

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Meet Brad McEntire. Fresh off a successful performance at Out of the Loop, he’s launching a festival to spotlight one-actor performances.

The Kimbell Art Museum Vs. Great Britain, Score: 2-0

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In the high stakes, Old Master art market, the Kimbell has shown a traditional Texas talent for horsetrading – finding opportunities where others encounter only hindrances.

Murderers’ Row Today At Noon On THINK

Today, THINK host Krys Boyd will be talking about criticism with a trio of North Texas critics: D magazine’s Nancy Nichols on food, the Star-Telegram‘s Preston Jones on pop music and KERA’s Jerome Weeks about everything else. She’ll ask us how we justify ourselves, didn’t our mothers teach us any better and how do we sleep at night? Highly recommended, five stars.

Kimbell Acquires Multi-Million Dollar Dutch Landscape To Match Its Dutch Seascape

The Ruisdael seascape just looked lonely, y’know? Now it’s part of a surf ‘n’ turf pair.

UNT’s New $10,000 Rilke Poetry Prize Winner Loves Willie Nelson’s Music

Poet Katie Peterson is the third winner of the $10,000 Rilke Prize from UNT. She should feel at home visiting Denton: She loves country music.

New Survey Says Dallas Sure Could Use Some Affordable Housing for Artists

The findings from last summer’s survey of Dallas-area artists are out – and they certainly support low-income housing for artists. But the leading non-profit that develops such projects says it can’t try one in Dallas – yet.

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