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SXSW: On-demand Oreos and the Internet of Things

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KERA’s Alan Melson, who has been blogging along with other KERA staff from South by Southwest in Austin, joined Anne Bothwell to discuss some of his takeaways from the conference.

SXSW: We are all curators

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One of Sunday’s morning sessions at SXSW Interactive was a surprisingly fresh conversation about a stereotypically stuffy subject: museums, the people who run them and how they will grow their audiences.

SXSW: Kleon, Silver and Simmons on collaboration, vision and the ‘genius myth’

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Author Austin Kleon and ESPN juggernauts Bill Simmons and Nate Silver riff on creative collaboration, openness and transparency of process at SXSW.

SXSW: Keeping data secure, possible ‘killer apps’ and more

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Here’s our first dispatch from this year’s South by Southwest Interactive conference, including frank discussions of digital security and privacy, nods to potential “killer apps” and a preview of what’s to come.

Meet The Collector Behind The Kimbell’s ‘Samurai!’

In 2008, KERA’s CEO interviewed Gabriel Barbier-Mueller, the wealthy, Swiss-born developer behind the Harwood District in Dallas — who now should be better known as the collector behind the Kimbell’s magnificent Samurai! show. With VIDEO.

Looking Back, Looking Forward: Carolyn Sortor

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Dallas VideoFest turns 25 this year. To celebrate, Art&Seek partnered with VideoFest to get folks close to the festival to reminisce about their favorite moments, and to look at how film and video have changed in the last quarter century. The first entry in this series comes from artist and former VideoFest chair Carolyn Sortor.

SXSW: Interactive Storytelling, By Everybody

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Trying to tell complex, visual stories on the Internet has traditionally been a costly process requiring specialized technical skills. Now, a new non-profit endeavor is hoping to make multimedia storytelling easy and available to all.

SXSW: How To Design Simply

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As we add more devices and gadgets into our everyday lives, the quality of user experience continues to grow ever more important. And yet it’s so easy for designers to screw it up.

SXSW: 'Steal Like An Artist'

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Where do artists draw the line between creation and theft? Does there really need to be a line at all?

SXSW: Finding Like Minds, Via an App

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In 2007 at Austin’s South by Southwest Interactive confab, the breakout piece of technology was going to be something called Twitter. Two years later, it was Foursquare. As this year’s confab starts and while some of the KERA/Art & Seek crew is getting registered in Austin, we look at what’s buzzing.

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