About Art&Seek

Welcome to artandseek.org! Thanks for taking a little time to let us introduce ourselves. Here are the answers to a few questions about the Web site:

Who are we and what are we doing here?

This Web site, and the Art&Seek initiative, are services from KERA Public Media for North Texas. With support from hundreds of arts organizations and venues in our listening area—and, hopefully, from you—we are building a community online where creative people can come together to find, discuss, create and react to art.

What’s on the site?

  • Feature Content:  Here’s where we gather the arts-related reporting Art&Seek does for KERA-FM, North Texas’ public radio station. (We also play in the sandbox with KXT 91.7 FM, public music station). In addition, you’ll find web-exclusive reviews and commentary on arts and culture issues from Art&Seek staff and from our community partners. We hope you’ll leave comments about these stories and posts or use the sharing tools to pass them along to friends via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Art&Seek calendar: You can search our calendar to find out what’s going on in the arts in North Texas. We have the categories you’d expect—theater, dance, music and visual arts for example. And some you might not, like workshops and classes, arts advocacy, auditions, and events at libraries and universities.If you want your group represented on the Art&Seek calendar:
    First, create an organization profile.
    Then, submit events.
  • Flickr group: Here you can share photos and video that depict creative life in North Texas. We’re new to Flickr so we welcome your suggestions and feedback about this site.
  • YouTube channel: Check out our videos!
  • E-newsletter:  Subscribers get the best of our week’s work, event highlights coming up, and a chance to enter to win our weekly Big Deal ticket giveaways.

Who’s putting this together?

In addition, we have many volunteers and supporters, from arts organizations participating in the calendar to freelance writers who helped us create organization profiles to the Dallas band Shibboleth, who composed our theme music.

Who’s paying the bills?
Art&Seek was established thanks to Donna Wilhelm, the Denton Appleton Baldwin fund, The Allen and Kelli Questrom Foundation and KERA members. Becoming a member of KERA will help the station continue to support projects like Art&Seek.

More questions?
Visit the Art&Seek FAQ.