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Your Arts Group’s Chance To Get Some Tourism Dollars!

shutterstock_120531625You might recall the push to create a PID — a public improvement district — that would help support Dallas cultural organizations. This would be done not through the typical City Council budget process but through a designated percentage of the hotel-motel tax. And if you remember that, you probably remember that the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau won the PID. Basically, the hotels and motels would like their tax dollars to go into something that benefits them directly.

But happily, a compromise was reached. Part of the $3 million Dallas Tourism Public Improvement District funds will, indeed, go to promoting Dallas arts organizations — and not just to selling Dallas as a convention city filled with BBQ and football and cowboy boots. Ta-dah. Cheerful applause. People do come here for cultural tourism.

There are some serious hurdles everyone has to jump over, though. No one’s giving this money away to just any arts group that shows up (basically, you have to be able to show how many hotel rooms your group or event fills). So if you haven’t applied for Dallas TPID funding yet and if you haven’t attended this kind of seminar before, you might want to attend the Town Hall meeting Thursday, May 15, 1 p.m.. at the Senators Lecture Hall in the Hilton Anatole. It’ll go over how to apply, tips to consider and, yes, questions will be answered.

All the info:

Thursday, May 15, 2014

1 – 2 p.m.

Hilton Anatole

Senators Lecture Hall

Established to help boost conventions, meetings and visitors coming to Dallas, a portion of the revenues generated by the Dallas Tourism Public Improvement District (DTPID) is available for local groups and organizations to attract additional meetings and groups. The basis of funding will be on the number of hotel room nights generated.

To learn more about how your group or organization can access Dallas TPID funding, officials from the DTPID will host a special seminar providing background on the DTPID, how to apply for funding and key tips to consider when applying for funding. They will also be available to respond to questions you may have.

NOTE: This is a repeat event for those who have not attended previous meetings. No new information will be provided.

Jane Robertson, CTA

Director — Cultural Tourism

Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau