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Witnessing ‘Transformations:’ Kiki Smith’s Sketches Turn Into Tapestries At UNT On The Square

“Be greedy for your own experiences,” artist Kiki Smith told more than a hundred patrons at a reception for her exhibit “Transformations” on Thursday night. The UNT artist-in-residence is famous for her sculptures and prints, art works that often play off (or feature) images of body parts, internal organs, skin and blood, frequently countering more traditional treatments of the body, particularly female bodies. Smith stressed the importance of taking advantage of the resources students and staff have at their disposal while working in a college studio – something she’s familiar with, as she constructs towering mixed-media pieces that are made into tapestries. Both elements of her process are on display at UNT on the Square until Feb. 27. Click on any image to enlarge. All photos by Caydee Daniel.