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VIDEO: PARK(ing) Day Dallas 2013

The original PARK(ing) Day project was started in 2005 by the folks at Rebar Art & Design Studio.  It transformed a single metered parking space in San Francisco into a temporary park.  The idea behind the project was to explore the the range of possible activities that could take place in the precious real-estate, and to provoke an examination of the values that generate the form of urban public space.

The original PARK(ing) Day installation by Rebar, San Francisco 2005 The original park was in place for only 2 hour, but weeks after the happening, a single image went viral.  From there, the idea spread around the globe. Last year, PARK(ing) Day took place in 162 cities, in 35 countries. Fast forward to last Friday, sept. 20th, and PARK(ing) Day Dallas was busy celebrating its 3rd year downtown on Main Street.  In the video above, Noah Jeppson, co-creator of the Dallas Chapter, explains the project and how he hopes it will raise awareness in Dallas about the use of public space.  Although this year’s event coincided with some much needed rain, people still came out in force during the day to experience the unique spaces. You can see photos from Dallas’ PARKing Day from years past over on the event’s Flicker page.

  • patric alva

    I am sorry to say, that although a very interesting idea, it was very poorly implemented in Dallas.
    I have been each of the three years and it is turning out to be more of a sad outdoor downtown business trade show than what it was actually intended to be….innovative repurposing of existing parking spaces.

    • Mike Leyton

      I completely disagree and our city is better for it.

    • dfwcre8tive

      The weather was pretty terrible this year, and most participants canceled (only the most waterproof installations made an appearance). We even had a school planning to teach classes in a parking space this year! Hopefully future years will have better luck!