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Nasher Taps Denton’s Good/Bad Art Collective

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Can’t make it to Bryan Tower? You’ll be able to catch the project on your TV. Photo: Nasher Sculpture Center

For the sixth project in the Nasher XChange series, the museum has commissioned Denton’s Good/Bad Art Collective to produce a piece for Bryan Tower in Downtown Dallas.

The work, Curtains, will be multifaceted. It’s conceived as, “part one-night event, part exhibition and part television broadcast exploring notions of viewership and interaction,” according to a news release sent out Friday morning. It’s the first major project Good/Bad has taken on in 10 years.

More details from the release: “In the months leading up to the opening of XChange, the Collective will produce a 28-minute infomercial, which will be filmed in a newly created television studio on an empty floor of Bryan Tower, a downtown Dallas highrise managed by Spire Realty. At the one-night opening event on Saturday, October 19, 2013, attendees will be given the opportunity to participate in the filming of the infomercial. Visitors throughout the run of XChange will be able to walk the space in which the infomercial was filmed and see sculptural elements used as props during the opening and in the finished infomercial, as well as select edits of video documenting the one-night event. The finished infomercial will be broadcast on late night and early morning television timeslots in local, regional, and national markets.”

There’s a public announcement this morning over at Bryan Tower. If there are any more details, we’ll pass ’em on this afternoon.