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VIDEO: Artist Studio Tour, Riley Holloway

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Art Love Magic’s Underground 5 is returning for its fifth year to South Side on Lamar on May 18.  There will be bands, merrymaking and cool surprises. But at its heart, the event highlights the work of more than 40 area artists. Underground 5 inspired Art&Seek to revive its Artist Studio Tour series .

Today, we highlight Riley Holloway, one of the artists whose work will be on display Saturday.  Earlier this week, we chatted with Marilyn Vicente. Check back tomorrow for another video featuring an Underground artists.

Riley Holloway is an Arlington biased artist who is currently the Artist in Residence at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas.  Growing up, he developed an early interest in art while coloring and drawing pictures with his mother, Jackie Holloway who is also an artist.  In 2011, Riley decided to make a life altering decision by leaving the Art Institute of Dallas, quitting his job, and with the help and support of his parents, spending a month in Florence at the Florence Academy of Art.   The studio at the hotel is open to the public Monday through Friday, from 3:00 pm –7:00pm.  His first show will take place on June 29th in The Gallery at The Fairmont at the conclusion of the residency.

Medium:  oil painting and pen

Number of years in this space: 3 month residency

What do you enjoy about working here? Living so close to the studio. Large area to work, able to view the work side by side to see each painting as a part of the over all body of work.

If you could change something about the space, what would it be? No complaints.

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  • Darryl Hutchinson

    I am so proud of you Nephew Riley. This almost brought tears to my eyes to see you engulfed in your passion as all your hard work and dedication has produced an excellent opportunity for you. Keep up the beautiful work and kudos to Marilyn Vicente and Desmond Blair for the video!

    Unc Darryl

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