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VIDEO: Artist Studio Tour, Marilyn Vicente

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Art Love Magic’s Underground 5 is  returning for its fifth year to South Side on Lamar on May 18.  There will be bands, merrymaking and cool surprises. But at its heart, the event highlights the work of more than 40 area artists. Underground 5 inspired Art&Seek to revive its Artist Studio Tour series .

Today we highlight Marilyn Vicente, one of the artists whose work will be on display Saturday. Check back later this week for two more videos featuring Underground artists.

Marilyn Vicente

Medium: Archival ink pens and paper, charcoal, paint, graphic design, Photography.

Number of years in this space: One Year

What do you enjoy about working here? It is a quiet space where I  can listen to my music and draw.

If you could change something about the space, what would it be? More space to work, and better lighting.