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Thursday Morning Roundup

EUROPEAN DISPATCH: The Dallas Symphony Orchestra caps off its European Tour tonight with a performance in Hanover. Traveling with the orchestra is senior principal associate concertmaster Gary Levinson, who’s been keeping a travel diary for In his latest entry, he writes about the rigors of playing a series of one-off performances. And in case you missed it, Jerome talked to Dallas Morning News classical music critic Scott Cantrell about why all of this touring is worth the effort.

MAIN ST. ARTS FEST PLANS: The Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival is just about a month away. And if you’ve ever been, you know that cramming that many people into downtown Fort Worth is not without its challenges. Each year, the city tweaks the plans a little to try to improve traffic flow. This year’s adjustments are detailed on My advice: Take the TRE.

FOCUS ON MUSEUMS: The New York Times published a special section on museums in today’s paper. And some of our local institutions made it into the conversation. One story takes a look at how museums can foster repeat visitors, noting the Dallas Museum of Art’s free admission policy. And another looks at the super-rich who are using their fortunes to fund museums. The Perot Museum of Nature and Science earns a mention in that one.