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3D Print-Master On The Maker Movement

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The King of the “Thingiverse” gave opening remarks today at SXSW Interactive.

  • Listen to Bre Pettis, co-founder of Makerbot, speaking at SXSW 2013:

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He’s been referred to as Mr. Rogers, Mr. Wizard and Bill Nye The Science Guy rolled into one. Bre Pettis — co-founder of Makerbot — is really a tinkerer at heart who’s built an empire in the world of 3D printing.

Pettis introduced the Makerbot Replicator — an open-source 3D printer that’s been modified to become the standard desktop 3D printer.

Pettis says there we’re witnessing a revolution in 3d printing. “It’s never been easier to make and share actual designs,” he says, “in the same way Dreamweaver 2004 unlocked websites for a lot of people, Makerbot is unlocking the ability to make physical things.”

A few interesting points from Pettis’ talk:

  • Makerbot’s biggest customer is NASA, followed closely by GE.
  • Makerbots are made in Brooklyn.
  • 7 of the top 10 architecture firms in the US use Makerbot
  • People use Makerbots to create everything from prosthesis to garden gnomes, to shot glasses.

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