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Calling Fort Worth Culture Mavens: Art&Seek Wants to Chat


Good morning Fort Worth friends.  Art&Seek is looking for Tarrant County arts, music and culture  lovers who are willing to share their views on the area’s arts scene.

We’re holding a listening session on Thursday evening March 21.  We’re hatching plans to improve Art&Seek’s service and we want to hear from folks who look for ways to bring music, theater, painting,  performance art – you name it –  into their lives. What kind of stories and information about Fort Worth’s cultural scene would you like to hear on KERA radio or see on Art&Seek? How do you find out about the events you attend? Stuff like that.

You don’t have to be a regular KERA listener or Art&Seek user. But it helps if you look for information about what’s happening in town on your phone or online.

If you’d like to participate,  email me at [email protected] with Fort Worth in the subject line.