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Today in the Art & Seek Spotlight, we’re going to Deep Ellum to see some art, including a couple of opening receptions for The Deep Ellum Windows Project. In “Interaction,” artist Jesse England celebrates the violent beauty of liquid copper and flame-cut steel. “Oligotokous” is a one night only group exhibition, and you can see both displays in adjacent empty spaces on Main Street.

And we got some additional information about this addition to the project late friday:

Contact:          [email protected]





March 1, 2013, Dallas, TX – The Deep Ellum Windows project will be accompanied by an additional project called Deep Ellum Walls, which curates creative writers to make site-specific writings whose stanzas are divided by QR codes lining exterior walls in Deep Ellum.


The first featured artist, Laura Theobald, will present her site-specific, interactive poem titled 99 poem(s). She describes the piece as “A poem (or series of poetic blurbs) that can be read forward or backwards, a line at a time, and in any order the reader prefers.” The nature of the piece is such that the codes, and therefore, the poem itself will only remain available for a short window of time, or for as long as it takes to deteriorate from exposure to the elements.


99 poem(s) we be available for viewing on the east wall of 2626 Main Street, a building owned by Deep Ellum 42, from March 2nd to March 16th. Any QR scanner app (free to download onto your phone) will translate a line from the poem. For more information about Deep Ellum exhibitions, participating artists, submissions, and future events to be hosted in Deep Ellum by Apophenia Underground, visit



What:              99 poem(s)


Who:               Poetry by Laura Theobald.

                        Organized by Apophenia Underground.


When:             on view now until March 16


Where:            2626 Main Street, Dallas, TX

                        FREE: Open to the public


Contact:          [email protected]



Facebook:     Deep Ellum Windows (group)