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Max Anderson’s Trip to City Hall

Dallas Museum of Art director Maxwell Anderson will visit City Hall this afternoon to brief the city council on the museum’s new Friends & Partners program. (For a refresher, take a look at Jerome’s story about the announcement.) The program – which essentially makes the museum free to visit – goes into effect on Jan. 21.

To get the gist of what Anderson will be talking about during his visit, take a look at his accompanying Power Point presentation. Among the notable elements: social media and interaction will be a major piece of the new program and the museum is keen to capture data on what exactly you’re doing while you’re there.

For more from Anderson, watch his appearance last week on KERA’s CEO:

  • Charlotte Hicks Todd

    VERY INTERESTING INTERVIEW! I would love to support the DMA on various social media plaforms to connect and engage with more diverse patrons in the DFW metroplex.