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Timelapse Video: On the Scene at ArtCon 8

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As promised, some more time-lapse fun from Art Con 8.


“Lil Tex” by James Warton catches highest bid at Art Con. Photo: Brian Hamm

And while we’re on the subject, ArtCon’s Meagan Dahl reports that 2,000 people attended the annual auction and party on Nov. 10.  The highest bid for a piece of art was $1,050, for James Warton’s “Lil Tex”. Cristy Ecton of Children’s Medical Center was the lucky bidder.

How much money was raised for beneficiaries Girls Rock and WT White High School arts academy? We’ll find out in January.





  • Rick Holter, KERA VP/News

    Stellar stuff — I’m DEFINITELY going next year.