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A Look Inside The Stewpot Arts Program

The Stewpot provides a safe a and nurturing environment for at-risk and homeless individuals in Dallas. The organization includes a wide range of social services and resources for the homeless. One such offering is the Open Arts Program where interested participants are provided with free art supplies, use of the Stewpot studios, and daily art classes.

Year-round, artwork fills the walls and hallways on the second floor of the Stewpot, and public exhibitions are held throughout the year. The artists are given the opportunity to sell their works, keeping 90% of the sales price, and the other 10% goes back into the art program.

We spent some time with The Stewpot Art Program Director, Cynthia Brannum, as well as with artists Leon Pollard, Charles William Faciall, Stephen McGee and Nicole Nash, all captured on the above video.

  • lisa taylor

    This program is so great. Thanks for covering it!