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SXSW VIDEO: Ramble Creek-ShowLush Day Show

My favorite thing about SXSW are the day shows.  I love enjoying several of my favorite bands and still home by dark.  The Ramble CreekShowLush day party was the perfect setting and chock full of my favorite bands.

Callie Snyder aka ShowLush joined forces with Britton Beisenherz (Ramble Creek Studio and Monahans) for a five year commitment to stage backyard shows that are welcoming, relaxing and family friendly.  Most of the bands consist of the excellent roster of artists who have recorded at Beisenherz’s Ramble Creek Studio.

The crowd that packed Callie’s backyard this past Friday were a lovely eclectic mix, that ranged from 3-month old babies, to one couple well into their 90’s.  As the music filled the air, show-goers enjoyed complimentary Tito’s Homemade Vodka drinks, Lone Star Beer and Waialua Sodas, all Texas-based sponsors.

The line-up included The Ashes (Austin), One Wolf (Lubbock), Collin Herring (Fort Worth/Austin), Graham Weber (Austin), The Georgian Company (Austin),  Thrift Store Cowboys (Lubbock),  Brian Martin (Arkansas), Seryn (Denton), Monahans (Austin) and Telegraph Canyon (Fort Worth) and ended with an impromptu acoustic set with Telegraph Canyon swapping lyrics with the audience.

Below is an interview with founders Callie Snyder and Britton Beisenherz, as well as Trenton Wheeler (Seryn) and Chris Johnson (Telegraph Canyon). Plus a couple of highlight performances.

  • Tiffany Kieran

    Oh, I love it! Sweet interviews. Makes me feel like I’m back in Austin. I needed another day there this year and this captures the vibe beautifully. Backyard music parties = beautiful. Thank you Cindy!