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Track by Track with Paul Slavens: Smile Smile


“Track By Track” appears every other week on Art&Seek. During the podcast, Texas musicians play their new albums and discuss what went into making them with Paul Slavens, host of The Paul Slavens Show Sunday nights at 8 on KXT, 91.7 FM.

You can download and subscribe to the podcast right here.

Paul’s previous podcast featured Sarah Jaffe talking about her first full-length release, Suburban Nature. This time, Paul talks with Ryan Hamilton and Jencey Hirunrusme of Smile Smile about their very personal new album, Truth on Tape.

Click the player below to listen to the podcast:

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  • Cindy Chaffin

    Ryan and Jencey are some of the light and dark of my life. More light than dark, cuz they are two incredibly talented fools and absolutely divine humans…but the dark comes when they ain’t together as a couple…kinda like I wish my mom and dad would get back together…course it would be wicked awesome if my mom and dad could put out great music like Smile Smile…

  • Gary

    I enjoy this band’s music very much. This was an enjoyable peek inside their dynamic. Well done as always Mr. Slavens.

  • Yesterday’s News

    Does anyone know where I can find the Track by Track archives? I’m getting a “file not found” error, and the download link takes me to a KERA landing page telling me that things have moved and the page is gone. I’d love to give these a listen! Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!