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Another Michelangelo Attribution, This One with a Ted Pillsbury Connection

DT11166Fort Worth’s Kimbell may not be the only American museum with a Michelangelo painting in its collection: ArtNews reports that noted Renaissance scholar Everett Fahy (the retired chair of European art at the Metropolitan Museum) has concluded that Saint John the Baptist Bearing Witness (above), a painting attributed to “the workshop of Francesco Granacci” when the museum acquired it in 1970, is actually by Granacci’s friend Michelangelo.

The Kimbell has a connection with the painting: According to Fahy,  the late Edmund Pillsbury, former director of the Kimbell and a specialist in Italian Renaissance art, was also convinced that the work was by Michelangelo. Fahy has written an article about the painting for the Italian scholarly journal Nuovi Studi. The article’s title — “An Overlooked Michelangelo?”

“I put the question mark there so that I would not offend people,” Fahy said. “I thought it would be more diplomatic. . . .”

“I’m acutely aware that Michelangelo, like van Gogh, attracts a lot of crazy ideas, and people are going to say, ‘This is another absurd idea,'” said Fahy. . . .  “I’m expecting that they’re going to throw brickbats.”