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Video: Inside the Mind – Dallas Artist Cabe Booth

When I first met Cabe Booth, about a decade or so back, he was booking for the Curtain Club. It was several years later that I learned that he’s an amazing artist. You may not know him, but if you’ve spent any time at the Curtain Club or the Palladium or Nokia Theatre, then you’ve most likely seen his artwork. Cabe has painted, literally, hundreds (if not thousands) of pieces using a photograph, black and white oil-based paint and broken pieces of wood to large scale canvases.

Recently, Art&Seek spent an afternoon at Cabe’s studio/home. Please enjoy his Art&Seek video studio tour as well.

  • frank

    Beautiful interview with Cabe. He’s been so prolific over the years and such a great asset to the Dallas music / art community. It’s nice to see him get this much deserved attention. I am also excited to hear that he is interested in getting back into subject matter that matters to him personally. I doubt that he will have a difficult finding a gallery to showcase his talent at this stage in his career. Last but not least, sweet touch by utilizing Broose’s music in the background. As always, greatness all around Art & Seek!

  • Paula

    Great interview. I love Cabe’s work.

  • Jennifer

    I know so few “living” artists that are successful today and I am proud to know Cabe is evidently alive and well as an artist in the Dallas community. Growing up in Dallas and spending many of my younger years in the music scene from the early days of the Circle A Ranch, Deep Ellum, Bar of Soap, Arcadia, 500 Cafe. Cabe truly embraces the overall feel of art and music combined I as I remember. There was a certain essence about graffiti art on brick walls and the magic of neon light vs. dark alleys that will never escape my mind. I get that same feeling when looking at his paintings. I love anything reminiscent of that sweet time in my life. Thanks Cabe for being such a true and dedicated artist and not giving in to the “man”

  • Rob

    Thanks for this great piece on Cabe. We’ve all appreciated his work for years and it’s good to hear that he’s thinking ahead to new and even greater pursuits!

  • Mike Snoook

    Thanks for this interview with Cabe. It is amazing to see his progress over the years. I have followed his career for almost two decades and I love the perspective you have offered. I would love to see more interviews produced by you. Great work featuring a great artist. Thanks!