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Think Video: Million Dollar Monarch

[flashvideo filename=rtmp:// width=470 height=263 displayheight=263 image=wp-content/uploads/2009/10/monarch.jpg /]

A holiday tradition. KERA executive producer Rob Tranchin’s Emmy Award-winning short tells the story of the imposing 145-year-old pecan tree that stands at one of the entrances to Highland Park. The video traces the tree’s history back to the cornfields that once lined Preston Trail, how it escaped destruction as a city grew around it, how it lives through the seasons and has become a beautiful landmark. Enjoy.

  • A beautiful and wonderful historical tree. I really enjoyed listening to how this lovely tree became a landmark.

  • Clarence Taylor

    What is the latest news on the Million dollar monark please update on plite of tree

  • HadleyGrass

    That tree’s not old, this tree is old.

  • PJ Borders

    I had saved the original video story for “four” years and was so hoppy that I could find it again to share with my friends and family.

    I love this wonderful story!!!

  • Rosemary Walsh

    I grew up on Newton Avenue, a few blocks from this tree. I was delighted to see the tree featured in the Dallas News this Christmas morning. I hope to see it during the holidays sometime. Such memories! And so happy to know it is still thriving. It was a really beautiful sight during the holidays.

  • street1891

    I just saw this video on KERA tonight…as a life long resident of Dallas, I love hearing stories like this. Great video and background!