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New Faces at Centraltrak Artists Residency

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942-200The second autumn of Centraltrak will boast a decidedly eclectic mix of art forms and hometowns. Located in Exposition Park, the artists residency of the University of Texas at Dallas opened in early summer 2008. Nine live/work studio spaces hold a mix of working artists from around the globe and UTD graduate students. Dr. Charissa Terranova, Centraltrak’s director, recently announced the incoming group of artists, who come from Paris, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles and far off Fort Worth.


Brian Fridge, “Vault Sequence”

Preview the Centraltrak hallway:

Unit 2 – Brian Fridge, grad student, photography and video  – Fridge has pieces in the collections of the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and the Dallas Museum of Art. His work was included in the 2000 Whitney Biennial. And yes, he’s a student – no kidding.

Unit 3 – Richie Budd, Fort Worth, mixed media assemblage and video – Dr. Terranova calls Budd’s work “scatter” art. Though he’s from Fort Worth, his work has shown all over the country, including a permanent installation in Vermont. He’s a UNT alum.

Unit 4 – Gabriel Dawe, grad student, mixed media – Currently making a name for himself in the galleries of North Texas, Dawe is already established in the visual arts scene in Ontario.

Unit 5 , through September 10 – Alexandre Moggi-Gendreau, Paris, conceptual art – I knew nothing about this artist until, for the love of Google, I discovered this secret blog: The Dallas Project. We are on to you, Alexandre.


Ruben Neito, "Untitled"

Unit 5, beginning September 20 – Renana Raz, Tel Aviv, dance – Centraltrak gets physical with the arrival of modern dancer Raz, who will also spend time as choreographer in residence on UTD’s main campus in Richardson.

Unit 6 – Ruben Nieto, grad student, painting, sculpture, mixed media – Nieto does strange things to Legos involving a chemical process that he will not explain. I think there is some sort of blow torch involved as well.  He is the veteran Centraltrak artist, having held a studio space since its opening last year.

Unit 7 – James Gilbert, Los Angeles, drawing and installation – Gilbert’s pieces are fashion-inspired. His show at Light & Sie earlier this year was entitled I Know Everything About You, and We Haven’t Met.

Unit 8 – Cassandra Emswiler, grad studen,; sculpture and architecture – Emswiler uses materials such as fleece and latex to build wild little forts, or she paints wild little forts directly onto materials such as fleece.

Unit 9 – Lauren Woods, San Francisco, video installation – Woods has worked in Dallas before, through a media arts fellowship from the Tribeca Film Institute. Her site-specific piece, Fountains, examines racial segregation and the civil rights movement.

Centraltrak opens its second year on September 12 with Peter Barrickman: New Work, Mary Benedicto: St. Angela of the Toucans and Keri Oldham: Watercolors.