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Funny Guy Replaces Gary Cogill on Good Morning Texas

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You remember that Gary Cogill has now been assigned to cover the performing arts for WFAA-TV, right?

And you remember that hilarious, deapdan video, produced for Second Thought’s current production of Neil LaBute’s Some Girls? The one with the lovable kid dumping grade-school girlfriends with practiced lines like “I think I’m just too old for you” and “I need to focus on my career”?

Well, the guy who created the video, Robert McCollum, is the local actor/director/voiceover talent who has now replaced Gary Cogill as the co-host on the couch at Good Morning, Texas.

Hope GMT picks up one-tenth of that video’s clever humor.

  • sarah jane semrad

    Rob is GEM. So happy for him.

  • Lori

    I will miss Gary as host. I like his demeanor and I will give Mr. McCollum a chance. I feel sorry for him though, the last host only lasted about 1 month.

  • Lynn

    What? Are they kidding, replacing Gary? I thought I was dreaming or maybe that I had missed the announcement for his vacation. GMT is continuing their downward spiral. The last co-host came and went like the wind on a hot Texas summer day. So sad. The new co-host, well . . . we’ll see. I will really miss Gary. He was the heart of the show. So engaged with the many aspects of the show. Boo hooo!

  • suzanne

    I can’t believe you have replaced Gary!! I have tried to watch the show but will turn to another station since Gary is gone. Very bad move on your part. That is just my opinion


    Rob really doesn’t have much personality on the air. I had never heard of him and was surprised to read above that he’s some sort of funny man. Gary was the only reason I watched as I especially cannot stand the woman standing in for Amy. Now I enjoy Regis and Kelly at 9AM as I can’t stand to listen to forced personalities on GMT.

  • Robin

    so sad for GMT….bad move on their part..Gary Cogill is the only reason that I still watch…looking for another morning show!

  • michele

    BIG mistake – Gary was the perfect hosr – intelligent and witty, but not too serious at 9 a.m.. Truly wish good luck to the new guy, but not my style…will probably just turn it off at 9…..

    • Marjorie Hannam

      I can’t believe it, everytime I turn on GMT, there is a different co-host.
      How many have been replaced in the last 2 years?

  • Kathi K

    I’m so disappointed that they replaced Gary. What were they thinking? He was the heart and soul of GMT, and he was the only reason why I watched it. I don’t like the show at all anymore and I don’t watch it anymore.

  • leia

    I can’t believe this! I just thought Gary was on vaca. Gary was the only one on the show who was relaxed (and quite frankly, talented).

  • Angela

    So disappointed to know that Gary was replaced! I missed it somehow and thought he was on vacation. What are they thinking? He was the only reason to keep watching it since Amy is out on leave. I do not care for the show at all anymore and will switch back to Regis & Kelly!

  • Ross

    Gary Cogill was the reason I watched GMT. Who ever is calling the shots at WFAA needs to removed. GMT’s ratings will drop!

  • marshall

    I liked The Shoe Guy today and the Air Jordans, but I liked McCollum’s black dress sneakers best. Cool! What kind/brand are they? Where can I get a pair?

  • Judy

    I have turned on GMT about 3-4 times a day but I can’t seem to leave it on the station. I end up turning the station to Regis and Kelly because Gary isn’t there and I assumed he was on a long vacation. I just did a search and found this site that tells me the reason that Gary is not there is because he isn’t with GMT any longer. I am so upset! I will not watch GMT any longer. I want Amy back but will still not watch without Gary being there. What is he dong now? Anybody know?

    • Charlene

      I agree with Judy, I can not seem to enjoy the show, missing Gary. What were they thinking!!!!!?

  • Marsha

    I also somehow missed this announcement, though perhaps Gary was on vacation. I hate this change, do not enjoy either of the current two hosts, and do not plan to continue watching this morning show. I agree, whoever is calling the shots at WFAA is making some big mistakes and needs to be replaced. This is a mess now. Painful to try to watch, and I don’t like pain.

  • Kim

    I just assumed Gary Cogill was on some kind of summer vacation and was getting tired of the dullness of the show without him. Did a search this morning to see if I could find out what was going on. What a HORRIBLE mistake someone has made. There is no longer any reason to stay on Channel 8 when Good Morning America is over, so I will definitely move permanently to Rachel Ray.

  • Jenny N

    I am very disappointed in WFAA’s decision. I will no longer watch the show without Gary!

  • Smac

    Tried again to watch this morning, but didn’t last 3 minutes. The male host so boring and overacted when interviewing kid actor. Miss brend. The mommy lady boring. Miss the blonde girl. I guess d
    she’s on maternity and the petite lady who replaced Brenda. Boring.

  • Smac

    Good Amy is back. Now let’s get rid of rob and the mommy expert.

  • Jackie

    Please, oh please, bring Gary back. He’s the only reason I watched the show. Garrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy! Where are youuuuuuuuuu? You can come home now. I’m sure they’re sorry. Please accept he station’s apology, and sit in that chair and do some movie interviews and reviews! Please. Pretty please.

  • http://[email protected] Bob Husson

    I have watched Gary on WFAA for as long as he has been in Dallas. His demeanor with guest from movie stars to political figures has far exceeds anyone else on the GMT show. Gary is respected by his peers and his fans. The guy Ron is a squirrel to the tenth degree. Really folks, get a grip on life and bring back the roadrunner! Beep-Beep.(Gary will get it, but not mangt.)

  • Pam

    Gary should have never been dropped from the morning show. This new guy is so fake I will never watch the show again. As a matter of fact, each and every person on the show has “fakeness” all around them. I think they have the wrong person doing the hiring and firing at the station. This person does not have the skills for hiring that is for sure. I have been a fan of this show for years, since the first show but I will not be watching any longer.

  • Diane sterrantino

    I miss Gary Cogill. GMT is not the same without him. I won’t be watchng anymore.I

  • Alison

    I think WFAA sucks anyway…Gary was an idiot, Rob is an armpit hair, that blonde is SO over-rated, ugh…the whole group from producer to host are a bunch of dopes….just watch something that has content! Atleast Jerry Springer has flying shoes! The whole WFAA team is just crap!