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Art Conspirator: Scott Mankoff

Art Conspiracy 2008 happens this Saturday, people. The theme: Deconstructed. There shall be music and mirth and works from 150 artists, which is a whole lot, so this blogging week, I will introduce you to a few of the artists donating their time and talent to a fundraiser masquerading as a giant party. First up: meet Scott Mankoff.

Photo by Kat Shimamoto

What are your mediums and what is your creative process?

My mediums are photography and mixed media.

What does “guerilla-style” art mean to your work?

To apply “Guerilla-Style” art to my work is simply the way I show up, take photos on the fly, make people laugh and try to make every event or photography shoot I do as much fun as possible, for life is short.

This year’s theme is “Deconstructed.” What facet of life would you like to deconstruct?

The facet of life I will be featuring this year in my art for Art Consipiracy is a compilation of photos and faces taken from Oct 2007 to Oct 2008 of the many artists who had art openings at Frank Campagna’s Kettle Art Gallery. I took pictures at nearly every opening at over the last year and my work will be a collage of these great artists.

A conspiracy requires two or more persons. Who are your partners in whatever sneaky plot you are devising right now?

My partners in this Art Conspiracy are every artist and every person who allows me to take their picture and the “Crazy Picture Guy Conspiracy” so to speak is to document the music and art scenes of Dallas and surrounding areas for a historical photo documentary using pictures, articles, in magazines, and on my website I hope to also write a book or two in the future to support the music and arts, documenting these times we all share together.

Logo by Susana Ortiz

  • Scott Mankoff

    Thank you Betsy! I sincerely appreciate this and look forward to seeing you at Art Conspiracy!

  • Erica Felicella

    Thank you for this wonderful coverage of this year’s Art Conspiracy. We are thankful for all of the amazing artist, volunteers, and more! We are looking forward to another great event this weekend.
    Erica Felicella – Art Coordinator, Art Conspiracy

  • billh

    Scotty, what a jewel you are! You brighten any room you walk into.

    Art Con is the coolest event of the year. I’d pay ten bucks just to hang out with people like Erica.

  • Andrew Tolentino

    scotty has a heart of gold, and lights up any room he enters with his flashbulb and personality.

  • Scott Mankoff

    Thanks Bill. Looking forward to seeing you and your family again!
    It’s been too long my friend!!!

  • Scott Mankoff

    I also agree with you about Erica, she’s THE BEST!

  • Scott Mankoff

    Thanks Andrew!

  • Sarah Jane

    Art Con is my favorite event of the year. Thank you A&S for your support for this and other awesome art projects around town. *cough* *La Reunion* *cough* :)

  • Scott Mankoff

    We should all do the best we can to support one another’s endeavors. I therefor support Sarah Jane Semrad’s La Reunion!

  • frank

    Gotta love the Crazy Picture Guy. He’s amazing in capturing his subjects naturally in whatever they’re doing on the spot. He puts them at ease and makes ’em feel special by taking the time to focus his lens on them.

    Needless to say Erica is a gifted photographer in her own right but also an unsung hero / high spirited organizer as well. And Sarah Jane, well what can be said that hasn’t already been said too many times before. Overall Saturday is going to be tons of fun for a very good cause.

  • Scott Mankoff

    Thanks Frank! Frank Campagna is a legend and many consider him to be the Godfather of Deep Ellum Art. Frank has done more to support local artists at Kettle Art than anyone else I know. We are ALL eternally grateful for Frank Campagna and all he has done for ALL of us!
    Thanks Frank, You ROCK!